(A) Purchase a CPW
Retain and provide us with proof of purchase of warranty at the time of making a claim:.
(B) Retain and provide Us with a complete copy of proof of purchase. You can send Us a digital copy through www.CaribbeanPhoneWarranty.com and We can store it for You, or You can provide such proof of purchase at the time You make a claim.
(C) Coverage and terms change protection of warranty.


This Warranty Plan will cover a mechanical or electrical failure of the Product(s) during normal usage for the Term of this Warranty Plan. This Warranty Plan is inclusive of any manufacturer’s warranty that may exist during the Coverage Term. It does not replace the manufacturer’s war-ranty, but provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty. Replacement parts will be new, rebuilt or non-original manufacturer’s parts that perform to the factory specifications at Our sole option.


(i) This Warranty Plan provides coverage for Your Product where the problem is the result of a failure caused by:

  1. Defects in materials and/or workmanship;
  2. Damaged or defective buttons or connectivity ports located on Your Product;
  3. Defective pixels. for which We will match the manufacturer’s warranty for the Term of Your Warranty Plan. In the absence of a manufacturer’s dead pixel policy, We will cover a failure of three (3) or more defective pixels within a one square inch area of the display;

#1 Full coverage for first repair of any phone or tablet 50% repair cost on the second 25% on you third repair in a year
#2 Claims for all lost or stolen phones or tablets will require a police report
#3 No claims will be process before 60 days after the purchase of a new plan


If You have Product(s) covered under this Warranty Plan, the total amount that We will pay for repairs or replacement made in connection with all claims that You make pursuant to this Protec-tion Plan or the total number of claims made pursuant to this Warranty Plan shall not exceed the Coverage Amount. In the event that We make payments for repairs or replacements, which in the aggregate, are equal to the Coverage Amount, or if We provide a cash settlement reflecting the re-placement cost of a new item of like kind, quality and functionality or a replacement product of like kind, quality and functionality, then We will have no further obligations under this Warranty Plan. WE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROPERTY DAMAGE, LOST TIME OR LOST DATA RESULTING FROM THE FAILURE OF ANY PRODUCT OR EQUIPMENT OR FROM DELAYS IN SERVICE OR THE INABILITY TO RENDER SERVICE.

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